Monja Coen Roshi

De Otavio Chiho Lilla para nosso site

A reply

this morning, someone said:

"The dharma is in front of you, and the source of suffering is behind you. Between you and the sun, only your shadow"

But I am only a foolish being, and this "I" never becomes enlightened.

It is raining outside right now.


Foolish beings remain foolish beings

natural enlightenment exists from the beginning, without any stain, not even the stain of ego

but unenlightened ordinary human being becomes unenlightened ordinary human being

that shadow can never take hold of this wisdom

the sun shines all the time, illuminating even darkness

even delusion is simply a magical display, like a rainbow which embellishes the sky

foolish beings remain foolish beings

reflections are never separate from the mirror, but they are not the mirror itself

the sky is blue


My ignorance is deep

my ignorance is deep

but original enlightenment never disappears

— manifesting as prajna and delusion

inside and outside; thoughts, samadhi, forms and Avalokiteshvara

appearing as a rainbow in the sky or the moon on water

displaying the intrinsically pure five skandhas

revealing beings, afflictions and the world


This personality

is just the arbitrary karma of a human being

who can never walk towards enlightenment.

Instead, why not just stretch your legs and relax

dropping body and mind

and releasing all effort?

well beyond this cushion

there is a Buddha of light emanating infinite Buddhas of light

revealing even boundaries as light and Buddha

lifting even the burden

of these long forgotten eyeglasses

and their strange point of view.



fabricating a special state

is just striving.

outside, cars go by on the wet roads;

their noise is heard



Showering light, illuminating beings

beyond dimensionality

Buddha is just seated,

his body smaller

than an atom.



Kodo Sawaki said:

"It doesn't matter how much meditation you practice,

you will never become anything special".